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Masha`s Puzzle Game


Features:• 110 puzzles from your favorite cartoon• Each picture could be divided on 12, 24, 45 pieces• Three modes: Easy, Hard and DuelRank System:• Upgrade the ranks of Masha and the Bear• Collect trophies• Open new picturesDuel Mode – Find out who will complete a puzzle faster?These Puzzle based on scenes from Masha and the Bear cartoon is good for kids. Both kids and adult who is interested in the genre will like Puzzle because of different modes. Choose the Easy mode with 12 pieces and even younger kid will complete a puzzle with favorite characters without any difficulties. All pictures are linked in chain like quest. By completing puzzles you gain the points and open new pictures in chain. You could spend your points on new ranks and trophies. Want a challenge? Try to play on Hard mode with “difficulties”. To make it more complicated choose the puzzle from 45 pieces. Even adults will like these puzzles. Duel mode will be perfect for family time. It allows you to play together using just one device. Find out who will win and complete the puzzle first. Your favorite characters from Masha and the Bear cartoon will help you to complete the most difficult puzzle!Join us: